Jonas Struck – Idealisten Original Score

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Jonas Struck’s original score to Christina Rosendahls 2015 cold war thriller Idealisten.

The 250 handnumbered copies on 180gr black vinyl are released as a cooperation between Accelerator Records & Vinyltrolden.

A1. Microfilm
A2. The idealistic Office
A3. Stay Away from the Area
A4. Arriving in the US
A5. B-52 Requiem
A6. Arriving in the US – T.O.M and His Computer Remix
A7. Birth
A8. Scanning
A9. Going to Texas
A10. The Cure Doesn’t Help

B1. Who’s Following Me
B2. Secret Agreement
B3. Going to Texas – Kasper Bjørke Kitt Rework
B4. National Archive
B5. B-52 Requiem- Atomic Fear
B6. Stay Away from the Area – Struck/Baden Remix
B7. You’re One of Us
B8. The Idealist

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